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Pouch Reset {Losing Weight}

What is Pouch Reset?

A pouch reset is a method to get your stomach back to its normal size. This is done by reducing your food intake.

So if you think you’re going to make healthy choices, you really should be eating more. And eating that much when you’re already eating just that much should be a complete no-no. Not to mention that when you eat, your body is using up a lot of its oxygen — and thus, it can’t burn excess calories.

But if you’re starving and you have to eat, then the idea of eating 20g of food is ridiculous. Sure, it is less than half your body’s needs. But it does still leave you with something. And you’ll probably starve until you do.

1- Your Stomach Doesn’t Exhaust You:

The trick here is to eat enough food to keep your body fueled. When you are starving, though, you’re not eating the right amounts. You’re eating way too much, but not enough to keep you full.

If you can stomach your food, you will eventually get sick of it. But if you can’t stomach it, then you’ll eventually start to feel ill (because you don’t have enough glycogen to carry you through to fullness), which you’re not going to have time to recover from after a few days of starvation. You’ll even start to feel sick.

This may seem logical. After eating so many calories and having them not be digested, you will either need to go to the bathroom and vomit or feel very sick and go home. Then you’re not going to have any energy for any other tasks. What a nightmare you’d be.

A person who will be suffering for months on end but still has the energy to start a business, work on a project, or otherwise enjoy themselves is one who has the mental capacity. You should also always remember that the body is an efficient system. It takes up energy but doesn’t do much else. It’s not stupid because it can figure it out.

Human beings will always eat more calories than they need when they are going in hard. You don’t have to eat more than you need to survive, but you should always be conscious that there really isn’t much you can do about it.

2- You’re Not Eating In An Emergency:

We all know that you should go to the bathroom at least 30 minutes after you take your third bite of a burger, whether you are in a panic or not. Not only is this much quicker than you would believe, but it will also ensure that you’re not dehydrated. But even those of us who live at the beach are not immune to the effects of dehydration.

So, yeah. Don’t go to the bathroom or sit in the sun for an extended amount of time. It’s going to make you sick. But it’s also going to increase your chances of becoming dehydrated. Plus, it’ll make you more tired and cranky. You’ll be just a little bit sicker.

3- Food Isn’t Nutritious So Eat It Quickly:

This is the main reason that people think that the quickest way to eat fast food is the quickest way to put on weight — but it’s not.

If you eat food fast, your body will burn its glycogen first. Your stomach will also begin to fill up. This will cause your metabolism to speed up, and you will consume more calories.

When you eat, you tend to eat the right amount because your stomach is full. And so you consume even more calories than you would if you were to walk around.

But once your stomach is full, you’ll never eat any more calories because you’ll be hungry. Your stomach will want more food. This is good. Instead, try eating a small bite.

It’s a vicious cycle of starvation. You’re losing weight, which means you’re getting fatter. At some point, you’ll stop eating, but you should be eating like the pouch reset method. It is strongly recommended you do pouch reset with the support of a dietitian. If you want to know in detail about diet & health problems then you should check out our guide on metabolic confusion.

That isn’t necessarily a good thing for anyone. We, humans, are all mammals with stomachs. We’re creatures that have evolved to eat. To maintain the weight we’ve gained from starvation, we have to eat to maintain the weight we’ve lost.

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